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Naghizadeh Elchin
Elshan oqlu
17.05.1997- 23.04.2022

Born in Baku

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Life story

Elchin Naghizadeh... A book could be written about a person with that name. And believe me, these words only describe how kind, friendly, sympathetic he is, who always treated his elders with deep respect, showed a cheerful and loving attitude towards the younger ones, was responsible for his service, was distinguished by order and discipline, was respected among his colleagues, command, leadership and entourage, directly participated in the national war, tirelessly ran to the aid of his brothers. He was a support and brave son for his mother Samira khanum, and was a symbol of loyalty and devotion to his brother. He was a devout and religious young man who loved his God and ran to meet him in prayer. Elchin, who at the age of 24 deserved great respect, really came into this world for people... not only his family lost him, all the people lost him... God took him to a more beautiful place... because someone like him, healthy, always away from bad habits and an athlete, got cancer and quickly left this world... life is very bitter... sometimes it takes away the most valuable thing from us... Nagizade Elchin was one of such people...

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