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Samedovs family



Life story

The tragedy that occurred on May 22, 2023 has left an irreparable void in the hearts of many. Maharram Samadov, his wife Shabnam Samadova, their little daughter Maryam Samadova, as well as Amrakh Nuriev and her fiancée Samaya Talibova, full of hope and joy, set off on their journey. They dreamed of buying a gold ring for Amrah and Samaya's engagement, a symbol of their promise of love and fidelity. But fate had its own incomprehensible plans, and this path turned out to be their last. A serious traffic accident that occurred in the village of Dzhangi, Gobustan region of the Baku-Shamakhi road, cut short the lives of these young and promising people. Each of them was not only part of the family, but also part of society, leaving behind many bright memories and hopes for the future. Their sudden loss filled the hearts of their loved ones with bitterness and sadness and left a huge void in the lives of everyone who knew them. The memory of Maharram, Shabnam, Maryam, Amrah and Samaya will remain with us forever. We will remember the smiles, kindness and love they gave to the world. May their souls find peace in the everlasting memory of the people they left behind.
Rest in peace.

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