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Rakhmanzadeh Maral
Yusif qizi
23.07.1916 – 16.03.2008



Life story

Maral Rahmanzade was born on July 23, 1916, in Baku. From 1930 to 1933, she studied at the Azerbaijan State Art Institute and continued her education from 1934 to 1940 at the Moscow Art Institute. Her early years were marked by significant hardship; her father was repressed during the 1930s and sent to a prison in Tashkent, where he soon died. Despite these challenges, Maral managed to graduate and gain professional experience by working at the "Khudozhestvennaya Literatura" publishing house in Moscow. However, following her father's arrest, she returned to Baku to continue her artistic career.
Maral Rahmanzade's works gained recognition in the art world, signed with the name "Maral Rahmanzade." Her art is particularly notable for depicting Azerbaijani women. Series of portraits can be seen in works such as "My Sisters" and "Our Girls," where she portrays strong, brave, and wise Azerbaijani women. A key aspect of her art is the representation of Azerbaijani people's life and customs, which is evident in works like "My Homeland," "Azerbaijan," "Azerbaijani Woman in the Past and Present" (1940), and "Women During the War Years" (1942).
Maral Rahmanzade also made significant contributions to book graphics, illustrating works by authors such as M.S. Ordubadi, M.F. Akhundov, A.S. Pushkin, and M.Y. Lermontov. She created series of engravings during her travels, for example, in Czechoslovakia in 1959-1960.
Her works were showcased at international exhibitions in England, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Syria, and Lebanon. Additionally, her solo exhibitions were held in Moscow, Baku, and other cities in Azerbaijan, as well as in Sri Lanka (1958), Cuba (1964), and Iran (1991). Maral Rahmanzade’s works are housed in the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art, the Azerbaijan State Art Gallery, and in private collections in the USA and the UK.
Maral Rahmanzade's contributions were widely recognized at the state level. In 1964, she was awarded the title of People's Artist of Azerbaijan. For her achievements in developing national visual arts, she received the Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, Badge of Honor, and various medals. In 1996, she was honored with the "Sharaf" Order by decree of the President of Azerbaijan. She was also a recipient of the presidential personal pension.
Maral Rahmanzade's works play an exceptional role in the development of Azerbaijani visual arts and in fostering patriotism among the youth. Her art is of great importance from an educational perspective.
Maral Rahmanzade passed away on March 16, 2008, and was buried in the Mardakan cemetery.

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