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Hummatova Aygun
Aydin qizi
22.07.1975 – 06.01.2024

Hummatova Aygun 
Aydin qizi
22.07.1975 – 06.01.2024

Her voice, lyrics and melodies will remain in the hearts of fans and in the history of music. She was not only a performer, but also an inspiration, whose songs resonated with key moments in people's lives - joy, sadness, love and disappointment. Her talent contained unique musical moments that brought people together and will forever remain in our hearts and memories.
Aygun Aydin gizi Hummatova was born on August 22, 1975 in the village of New Surakhani in Baku in a large musicians family. Aygun was the first of six children in the family.
He received his primary musical education at the music school of the Palace of Culture named after Sattar Bahlulzadeh in the drumming class.
In 1988, 13-year-old Aygun was accepted into the Azerbaijan State Children's Philharmonic. From that time on, her first appearance on the professional stage began.
Aygun, who performed on large stages with children's musical groups of the Philharmonic, toured foreign countries, different cities and regions.
In 1995, she created the first professional musical group named after Shovket Alekperova and began extensive concert activities - on television, radio, major state shows, and also consistently represented Azerbaijani musical art abroad.
In 1998, a new page opened in the creative destiny of Aygun Gummatova, who entered the singing department of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory. She learned the wisdom of mugham from famous artists Arif Babayev, Islam Rzayev, Agakhan Abdullayev, Elkhan Muzaffarov, Alim Gasimov.
In 2002, signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, she was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist”.
In 2005, Aygun Gummatova, who performed accompanied by a folklore-mugam trio at the international folklore festival held in Samarkand (Uzbekistan), successfully represented the Azerbaijani school of mugam, was awarded the first prize and became the winner of the festival.
Starting from this period, from 2005 to 2010, Aigun Gummatova performed solo concerts as a permanent participant in music festivals held in many countries around the world: France, Spain, Morocco, USA, England, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, etc.
Aygun began her creative search in 2010 with the desire to write a symphonic mugham on the theme of the mugham “Humayun”.
In 2012, Aygun entered the newly opened Faculty of Symphonic Conducting and Composition of the Baku Music Academy.
In 2013, she aired her original program “Yenə o bağ olaydı” together with the ATV channel.
She was the mother of one child. (Daughter named Jahan, born in 2009)
Aigun Gummatova had been suffering from cancer for several years. She went for treatment to one of the clinics in Ankara.
On January 6, 2024, this star faded away, leaving only its great legacy. May her soul find peace in eternity, may her music penetrate the hearts of those who are alive, may it come to life in memories and melodies.
She was buried at the New Surakhani cemetery.
Rest in peace.

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