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Sadigov Sabuhi
Rovshan oglu
09.05.1996 – 05.11.2020


Life story

Sabuhi Sadigov was born on May 9, 1996 in Bilasuvar district. Originally from Fuzuli district (Alasgarli village), Sadigov Sabuhi's family first took refuge in Bilasuvar district as IDPs after Fuzuli district was occupied by Armenian armed forces in 1993, and then moved to Baku city. For this reason, Sabuhi was born in Bilasuvar. He studied at full secondary school No. 73, Narimanov district, Baku city. Sabuhi Sadigov, who has a great passion for sports since childhood, has been engaged in karate and kickboxing since he was a child, and participated in light interclub tournaments until the 8th-9th grade. Sabuhi, who started freestyle wrestling, became a member of the national team of the Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation. He was repeatedly honored with various degrees and won the title of champion in national and international competitions. He was professionally engaged in MMA (Melee). Ultimax was a member of the Federation of Fighting Species.
He represented the Republic of Azerbaijan in many competitions and raised our flag with his achievements.
In 2011, after graduating from the 9th grade of secondary school No. 73 in N.Narimanov district of Baku, he entered the Baku State College of Communication and Transport. After graduating from college, in 2014, he served in the Special Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 1 year and 6 months. In 2015-2017, he won the Baku Championship organized by the Ultimax Combat Types Federation and the Republican Championship in 2017. He fought for a professional belt at the World Championship in the Republic of Georgia and won a black belt. At the same time, he created a personal "Commando Fight Club" and trained a large number of students like him.
At the 3rd Ultimax World Championship held in the Republic of Georgia, 1 student became the world champion, and 3 other students won the 3rd place with different degrees.
On September 28, 2020, Sabuhi Sadigov, who volunteered in the Second Karabakh War and said goodbye to his family saying "The motherland is in need", said the words "Pray, mother, I will achieve my dream". He worked as an intelligence officer in the Special Forces (hereafter KhTQ) and fought for Fuzuli, Khojavand, Jabrayil, and Gubadli. He died heroically in the battles in the direction of Lachin. He was buried in Ahmadbeyli village cemetery of Fuzuli district on November 5.
Posthumously awarded orders and medals for outstanding services to the Motherland (Order of Merit for the Motherland, 3rd degree, medal “For the Fatherland”, medal “For the Liberation of Jebrail”, medal “For the Liberation of Gubadli”, medal “For the Liberation of Fuzuli”, medal "Brave Fighter")
Sabuhi Sadigov was the only son in the family and he was engaged.
While saying goodbye to his parents, saying "Pray, mother, I will achieve my dream", Sabuhin's biggest dream was to liberate our native Karabakh from the hated enemy and rise to the top of martyrdom on the way. In his thoughts, in his heart, there was the whole Karabakh fire and longing for the lands he had never seen: the village of Alasgarli, his father's hearth, the village of Horadiz, his motherland, famous for its rich and fertile fields, which he heard from his mother.

According to Yegana Aliyeva, the martyr's mother:
"Sabuhi was very caring from a young age. His father had a grandmother, she was an old woman, we saw that Sabuhi gave her a stick and said, "Grandma, take this in your hand so you don't fall in the snow or get sick." He loved my grandfather very much. My grandfather Kalbalı was very old and became bedridden in the last years of his life. He often visited her and never tired of taking care of her. He was very thoughtful, Sabuhin had a sentence that he repeated from childhood, he said that a child makes the parent's head high, and I will always make your head high!
He was a very serious child in his younger years, but as he grew up, he became more cheerful. Sabuhi was really a different kind of son... When I was in high school, he got really hot once, I let his guard down until tomorrow. When he woke up in the morning, he was very worried, he said, "Hey mom, you didn't sleep until tomorrow, I had a fever, it was going to pass, why did you stay awake, don't get sick, mom!" He didn't want his parents to suffer one bit. He spent his military service in Nakhchivan, and at that time he did not even allow us to visit him.
Everyone talks about his kindness and concern for his father, mother, sister, and neighbors every moment. Once there was a fire in our neighbor's house, Sabuhi, who was not afraid of anything, was able to put out the fire by jumping into the window. In our other neighbor, a fire started due to an electrical short circuit, and he was able to prevent it from spreading in time.
Sabuhi had a private sports club and also worked as a driver for a certain company. On the day the war started, he hung the Azerbaijani flag from his car and volunteered to go to the front. He came home from work in the evening and happily said that they called me and I am going to the front. I have to protect my land myself!
Since his childhood, Sabuhi used to watch a lot of films about the first Karabakh war, the events of that time, and the Khojaly genocide. He looked again and again and said that these are our bloody history. After the battles of April 2016, believe me, he was very worried, he couldn't fit in the sky, he was barely able to eat bread for our sake, what happened hurt him a lot.
In the summer of 2020, all his thoughts were with his friends in "Lala Tepe". He said that they suffer there in the summer heat. His aunt lived in the district, she went to them and cooked food for those soldiers and provided them with other food needs - water, cigarettes, etc. had taken and delivered to their posts. However, he returned to Baku in August, stayed at home for only one month, and then went to the front again. We all said, don't go, baby, you are the only son of the house, you are engaged, your wedding will be today or tomorrow. He said that the Motherland is in need, I have to go!
Sabuhi was engaged, they were supposed to have a wedding in April 2020, but it was postponed due to the pandemic. When I went to the battle, he whispered in my ear, "Mom, , let her go and start a family and be happy."
He was very caring towards the elderly. Even at 12 o'clock at night, even if he had worked until 1 a.m., when he came back from work, he would go to his room and kiss his grandmother Najiba, he would always kiss her on the head, saying that you smell so good, grandma. When he left for the front, he said not to tell anyone, let them sleep peacefully at night. Everyone was worried when they heard tomorrow, he was very cute, everyone wanted him very much. He loved his homeland very much, many offers came from other countries, but he said, "What kind of son am I to leave my homeland and my family, he loved his sister very much." When she called me from the front, my sister always said, never leave Aliya alone.
He knew in advance that he would rise to the peak of martyrdom... Based on the information of Sabuhi's surviving front-line comrades, Rovshan Sadigov, the martyr's father, said: "For the last time, on November 4, 2020, there are those who fought with him in the Suarasi village of Lachin, where bloody battles took place. But because all his comrades died, we could not get any detailed information about his last battle. One of his comrades from the front posted about Sabuhi on his social network: "He was a brave boy, he was fearless. He asked me for extra bullets because he was running low. I shared my bullets with him. He told me, "We will meet in Shusha, God willing!" Then I was wounded and stayed below, and they went up to Lachin. When I regained consciousness, I heard that Sabuhigil was ambushed by the enemy and 6 people died together."

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