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Babayev Valeh
Dadash oglu
14.06.1977 – 06.11.2007


Life story

Valeh Babayev was born on June 14, 1977 in Narimankend village of Gobustan district in the family of Dadash and Jamila Babayev. Valeh, the first child of the family, went to the first grade of Narimankend village secondary school in Gobustan region in 1983, and graduated from that school in 1994. In 1994-1998, he studied at the School of Commanders of the Supreme General Army in Baku.
He was married, and has two children named Aydan and Said.
Since June 1998, Valeh Babayev has served in the positions of platoon commander, division commander and specialist in physical training of the military unit in various years in the military units of the Armed Forces and Ground Forces.
On the night of November 5-6, 2007, Senior Lieutenant Babayev received shrapnel wounds from various parts of his body while performing combat duties. Although he was taken to Fuzuli district Ahmedbeyli Hospital after providing first aid, senior lieutenant Valeh Babayev died heroically as a result of bleeding.
On November 6, Senior Lieutenant Valeh Babayev was sent to his last resting place in the Narimankend village cemetery where he was born. Soldiers and officers of the military unit where the martyr served, along with thousands of residents of the region, attended the funeral ceremony. Lieutenant Valeh Babayev was entrusted to the land for which he was martyred. The flag placed on the lieutenant's coffin was presented to Islam Babayev, the brother of the martyr.
Valeh Babayev was awarded the III degree medal "For impeccable service" for his exceptional services to the country.
The street where he grew up and finished painting in the city of Gobustan is named after the martyr Valeh Babayev. In 2018, the fountain-monument complex erected in honor of Valeh Babayev was opened on that street.

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