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Sultanov Yaver
Khusu oglu
14.12.1941 – 04.05.2015

Was born in Jalilabad district


Life story

Sultanov Yaver Khusu oglu left a bright mark in the history of Jalilabad district and in the hearts of those who knew him. He was born on December 14, 1941, in the village of Khanagah in the Jalilabad district, and grew up in a family where education and hard work were highly valued. Yaver Sultanov was married and had four children – two daughters and two sons. His family was always a support and source of inspiration for him. In 1966, Yaver graduated from the Azerbaijan State University, where he studied at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology. His passion for science and pursuit of knowledge soon bore fruit – in 1976, he obtained a Ph.D. in biological sciences, which was a significant achievement in his scientific career. In 1981, Yaver Sultanov graduated from the Higher Party School, which allowed him to strengthen his knowledge in management and politics. These skills enabled him to become a successful leader and public figure. One of Yaver Sultanov’s significant contributions to the development of the Jalilabad district was the establishment of a viticulture and winemaking technical school. This institution played a crucial role in the development of agriculture and the training of qualified specialists in the region. Yaver Sultanov devoted much time and effort to the development of this educational institution, passing on his knowledge and experience to young specialists. While working as a department head in the Jalilabad District Committee, Yaver Sultanov made significant contributions to the social and economic development of the district. His diligence, professionalism, and dedication to his work were highly appreciated, and he was awarded numerous orders, medals, and honorary certificates. Yaver was known and loved not only for his professional achievements but also for his personal qualities. His high moral values, relationships with people, and personal qualities made him respected and loved among colleagues and friends. Yaver’s devotion to his family and friends also highlighted his personal qualities. He loved his family very much and always thought about their well-being. To his friends, he was loyal and reliable. His friends could always rely on his honesty and sincerity. The death of Yaver Khusu oglu Sultanov on May 4, 2015, due to heart failure, brought deep sorrow to everyone. His death was a great shock to those who worked with him and knew him. He was buried in the Jalilabad district cemetery. The life and work of Yaver Sultanov remain a model for future generations. His contributions to science, education, and the development of his native district will be remembered for a long time. His life was dedicated to serving people and the development of society, and his legacy continues to inspire those who follow in his path. May he rest in peace.

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