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Guluzade Alimardan
Fattah oglu
14.02.1993 – 06.10.2020


Life story

He was born on February 14, 1993 in Birinci Yeddioymaq village of Masalli district.
In 2000, he entered the First Yeddioymaq village school and studied in this school until the fourth grade.
He continued his secondary education in the fifth grade at Sumgayit city full secondary school No. 5, and studied in that school until 2008, when he finished the eighth grade.
Thus, the young man, who devoted his life to military art, studied at the military high school named after Jamshid Nakhchivanski in 2018-2011 and at the Azerbaijan Higher Military School named after Heydar Aliyev in 2011-2015 and received the rank of lieutenant.
Then the senior lieutenant of the Azerbaijan Army Alimardan Guluzadeh served in the Ground Forces of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces. Thus, in 2015-2020, as a senior lieutenant in military unit No. N located in Mushfiq settlement of Baku city, he honorably fulfilled his duty to serve the Motherland.
In 2016, he was a participant in the successful April battles.
In 2013, he was awarded the jubilee medals "95th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1918-2013)" and "100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Army (1918-2018)" in 2018 for his service as an exemplary officer in the army.
On September 27, 2020, Senior Lieutenant Alimardan Guluzadeh, who showed skill in the battles for the freedom of Fuzuli during the Patriotic War, was heroically martyred for the territorial integrity of our lands during the bloody battles in Fuzuli on October 6.
Martyr Alimardan Fattah oghlu Guluzade was buried with a crowd in Yeddioymaq village cemetery.
He was married. 3 daughters were left behind.
According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev dated December 15, 2020, Alimardan Fattah oglu Guluzade was posthumously awarded "For the Motherland" and 24 according to the Decree dated December 2020 he was awarded medals "For the release of Jabrayil" and
"For the liberation of Fuzuli".

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