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Hasanov Yagub
Faig oglu
01.20.1975 – 08.22.1994


Life story

Yagub Hasanov was born on January 20, 1975 in the city of Ganja into a family of workers. In 1982, he entered the 1st grade of secondary school No. 19 named after Nekrasov, and in 1989 he graduated from the 8th grade of the same school. He then entered the Technical College of Light Industry in Ganja. In his last year of technical school, he was called up for military service.
Yagub Hasanov went to the front in 1994, as soon as he turned 19 years old. After three months of military training in Gusar, he was sent to Tartar. He served in military unit No. 703. He fought in Agdar, Terter region. He was in battles in the 3rd state farm, in Demirchi, in the villages of Kimirizkend.
Yagub Hasanov was highly respected in the unit where he served for his military valor. The main reason for his success was that Faig was very patient, humble and considerate. He was an excellent shooter. He participated in several successful operations. In one of the battles, Yakub, who was wounded in his left leg, returned to the combat zone after 1 month of treatment in a military hospital.
Hasanov Yagub Faig oglu died heroically on August 22, 1994 in a difficult battle for Girmyzykend. His grave is located on the Alley of Martyrs in Ganja.

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