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Allahverdiyev Arif
Bakhtiyar oglu
27.10.1970 – 28.06.1992


Life story

Arif Bakhtiyar oglu Allahverdiyev, originally from the village of Yukhari Garalar, Imishli district, was born on October 27, 1970 in the city of Sumgait. Arif Allahverdiev was drafted into the Soviet Army at the age of 18 and served in the Khabarovsk Territory of the Russian Federation. Arif Allahverdiyev, who learned the real truth about the January 1990 tragedy, never forgot those who committed atrocities against the citizens of his country. Returning to his homeland, Arif Allahverdiyev could not find a place for himself after the Khojaly genocide, and in March 1992, without informing anyone from the family, he wrote a statement to the military commissariat and voluntarily went to the front - to the Fizuli region. Arif's sudden disappearance has caused concern at home. Bakhtiyar found him two months later in a military unit in the Fizuli region. Talking to his commanders, he receives permission and brings it home for a week. However, Arif stays at home for only three days, returns to the front and participates in many battles. He remained in the memory for his courage, bravery and fearlessness.
On June 28, 1992, Arif Allahverdiyev did not leave his wounded commander Rasim Ibragimov alone on the battlefield in a combat operation in the direction of the village of Tug, he fought with his comrades to the end and destroyed 28 Armenian militants with five comrades, but an enemy sniper shot him in the heart.
Arif Allahverdiev was 22 years old when he died a martyr. A book “Peak of Martyrdom” was published about Arif Bakhtiyar oglu Allahverdiyev. Since 1998, the name of martyr Arif Allahverdiyev has been immortalized in the secondary school in the village of Yukhari Garalar, Imishli district, and a memorial bust has been erected in front of the school.

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