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Mustafayev Shaig
Nijat oglu
07.12.1960 - 22.07.1992


Life story

Mustafayev Shaig Nijat oglu was born on December 7, 1960. He received his first secondary education at Mingachevir School No. 10 and after graduating with excellent grades, he entered the accounting department of the Institute of National Economy. After graduating from college, he joined the army and, after working for a short time in Baku, left for Russia.
In April 1985, during the Chernobyl disaster, he went there as a volunteer and took part in it. After working in Russia in the city of Novgorod for 2 years, he returned to Mingachevir and was invited to work as a chief accountant at a glass factory, and then at the newly opened Bureau of Tourism and Travel, where he continued to work as a chief accountant.
During these years, he was always involved in sports, founded the first “Youth Society” in Mingachevir, and he also created a “Mountaineering Group”.
On February 19, 1989, he started a family and married Arzu khanum.
As soon as the war began, he immediately applied to the Mingachevir Military Commissariat as a reserve officer. He later participated in several training sessions and was promoted to first lieutenant due to his higher education. Since, despite his repeated appeals, he was not sent to the combat zone, he, on his own initiative, formed a group of volunteers from Mingachevir numbering about 30 people and went to the front along with the detachment he commanded in February 1992, immediately after the Khojaly tragedy. The courage, heroism and fearlessness of this volunteer detachment led to a further expansion of their activities, and thus the M-2 battalion of the city of Mingachevir was created.
Our Martyr Shaig Mustafayev went through a long battle, starting from the Lachin corridor. Later he took part in the defense of Shusha, since Shusha has many mountain heights, and he was a mountaineer, regularly participated in battles and showed heroism. After the capture of Shushi, he took part in the battles of Fizuli and Agder and, according to his comrades, received a serious spinal injury in a trench. He returned to the front, despite being seriously wounded and in severe pain. The reason for this is that the current village of Umudlu of the Kasaped village of the Aghdera region was besieged, and women, children and old people remained there. Thus, together with his group, he again went to the front, heroically led the village and its population out of the blockade, and he himself heroically died on July 22, 1992 after being hit by a sniper bullet. The body of the martyr was buried on the Alley of Martyrs in the city of Mingachevir.

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