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Ibishov Nijat
Vasif oglu
27.08.2000 – 11.10.2020


Life story

Nijat Ibishov Vasif oglu was born on August 27, 2000, in Mingachevir. Nijat was a patriotic person from childhood and participated in many "Falcons" and "Braves" competitions at school, winning first places. He was a kind-hearted, cheerful, and smiling person who never hurt anyone. Nijat loved his family very much and was very close to his mother Samira and sister Laman. He had a friendly relationship with his father and shared all his problems with him.
In 2006, Nijat enrolled in Secondary School No. 19 in Mingachevir and graduated in 2017. In 2018, he was drafted into the Peacekeeping Forces in Baku. Nijat completed his military service bravely and returned home in April 2020. In September, he was called back to military service during the mobilization and went to training on September 21. When the mobilization began, Nijat showed courage, saying, "I will go too". During the call-up, he joyfully danced in the yard, saying, "I am going to defend the Homeland". He frequently contacted his family, assuring them that everything was fine. On October 8, he said, "We are moving forward, if the connection is lost, don't worry about me. If something happens, don't cry much" and went forward.
Nijat heroically died in the battles for Sugovushan and Aghdara on October 11. For participating in combat operations and honorably fulfilling his military duty, by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, Nijat Ibishov was posthumously awarded the medals "Brave Warrior", "For the Motherland" and "For the Liberation of Sugovushan".
Nijat loved to dance and walk. He had a beloved girl to whom he wrote poems. Nijat had many friends and earned the respect of everyone around him in Mingachevir and QRES.

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